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RT @nitingokhale: Since everyone and her uncle now has an insight/opinion on the situation in Ladakh, here’s my two bit: The PLA is NOT on what India perceives to be its own side of the LAC. Go figure

Great news that 600,000+ small businesses have received #BounceBackLoans worth £18bn+. Here’s all the lenders where you can apply 👉

RT @danieljolic: And @Chatelaine, here’s to many strong young Conservative women, like @natashakornak @H_DawsonMurphy @m_mas11 @juliayparsons and many more who will be the next generation of strong leaders in this country #ShesConservative @StoryofaTory

RT @EstherMcVey1: Thank you to everyone who took part in this survey. 80% felt students should get some refund. Here’s the full podcast - it really is quite shocking how students have been treated. If you are a student there’s a survey Please do fill it out 🎧 🖊

6 crore people of Bengal have been directly affected by #Amphan. YOU can help. Every rupee counts Here’s where you can contribute (Additional payment gateways will be added over the next few days)

RT @NDPHoC_NPDCdC: RT @NDPHoC_NPDCdC: Who’s looking forward to the return of the House on Monday? Here’s what on the docket for next week. #NDP #cdnpoli https…

The Senate Committee will be holding two hearings this week. Here’s what to expect. Stay tuned for updates. #auspol #COVID19Aus

RT @janekinninmont: Thanks @alistairburt for the “grab 6 books” challenge. My books vary a lot from room to room. Here’s a living room selection: Dr Seuss, David Mitchell, Brian Patten &some mysterious beasts. Tagging @sabrina_mahtani @wtfrench76 @peteswabey @peterjsalisbury @PatriciaMary @dcryan