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North Devon MP. Formerly on the radio. Sorry I don’t see incoming Tweets & can’t reply here; for all casework & questions please email & I’ll be happy to help.

RT @2019_whizzz: @HhMkhaliphi I’ll never forget in 2014 I was 16 and sitting at the DA booth outside my voting station and these little kid…

RT @AaronBastani: Next month sees the first Swedish edition of Fully Automated Luxury Communism. As a result I’ll be touring Sweden and D…

RT @quaedvliegs: If that’s a serious question, I’ll give you a serious answer because I’ve worked with him and have had the opportunity to…

David Hanson (Labour) replied to @luckylen7 :

@luckylen7 No - because boris seems determined to end up with no deal but if you email me I’ll explain what I am doing

Laurin Liu (unknown) replied to @karenkho :

@karenkho I work out and clean at the same time, so I’ll do a 3-min rep and then do a 3-min chore. Repeat. It really breaks up the monotony of both tasks, feels both good and productive, and my cardio has gone WAY up.😆

RT @FloellaBenjamin: I’ll be writing a letter to Lord Hall - Director General @BBC to express my dismay on this issue because all the #dive…

@RichardWillyums Sorry. I’ll put in the diary and attend

@NickWalshBlog I have a degree. No need to worry about me. By the way. I’ve also never lost an election. I’ll tell Farage how it feels?

George Galloway (unknown) tweeted :

I’ll be joining @ManilaChan on @InQuestionRT from 5pm/BST to discuss the #ClimateStrike and #YellowVests Join us!…

I’ll be joining my fellow South Australian’s today in the Global Climate Strike. 12noon at Victoria Square, Adelaide. There is no “Planet B”.