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MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk. Fighting against IndyRef2 : Out of hours, I’m training for my next marathon, somewhere. Triathlete. Ironman.


MP for Braintree. Dept Chairman of the @Conservatives. Constituency stuff on my Facebook page. I don’t see all tweets I’m tagged in so email if it’s important

Typical May, I’m going nowhere, I am the best person for the job....hasn’t judged the mood of her Party and most importantly country well at all.

RT @goIdenkissy: there’s a protest in romania right now and i know most of my followers haven’t even heard about this country but i’m so pr…

@GerhardWeber14 How dare you. I’m a puppet of my constituency! The majority of whom voted to remain (and keep telling me that’s what they still want)!

RT @SenatorWong: I’m delighted that Katy Gallagher is seeking preselection to return to the Senate. Katy is a woman of great integrity and…

RT @piracywatch: One more episode of #CelebrityHunted to go and I’m reliably informed it’s by far the best episode in the series! Helicopte…

RT @KieranReape: “I’m glad I voted No in the Scottish independence referendum” - Nobody, 10th Dec 2018

@thewhitecompany I have but had no response. I’m very disappointed it was items for my children.

I’m doing a #quiz after more than a decade! A three hour break from politics to celebrate 50 years of Open Quizzing in India and pay tribute to the original Quiz Master : my father, Neil O’Brien. Watch LIVE

@ursuladarrigan I’m sure you’ll be ok.

@OCuipeir @charliebaker3 @GuyOpperman Chimps and crack aside do please send the email again and I’m sorry if I missed it - is my email address