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Too few entertaining but insightful articles, like the one below, to read on Saturday mornings these days. It’s a gem.

RT @SamanthaPippin7: RT @SamanthaPippin7: Well @georgegalloway it’s looking like @WorkersPartyGB is the only viable opposition to the status quo. Who knew? ◽◽

RT @i_coda: RT @i_coda: Looks like it’s done, with many more, and even many more to come. ◽

Ansar Abbasi (pakistan) tweeted :

You say, “French people like to disagree with others, it’s part of their culture.” You add, “You need to respect their right to question and mock whatever they want! It’s what scientific minds do.” My simple Q, do you respect the right to mock Holocaust in your country??

Ali Esbati (sweden) retweeted @shaunking :

RT @shaunking: Police showed up and shot him. He was unarmed.⁣ ⁣ He’s a little boy. ⁣ ⁣ It’s just so outrageous. He has all types of wounds & internal damage. This has to stop. We need a complete separate system for medical emergencies & mental health calls. American Police are barbarians.

RT @TanDhesi: Tory Govt mixed messages, dithering, delays and ignoring scientific advice has put the lives of British people at risk. It’s time Boris Johnson actually listened and took urgent action. @bbc5live for the full interview:

RT @ConHome: RT @ConHome: From @albs_aman: It’s time for a Conservative approach to anti-racism…

RT @AnnieKellygb: And it’s official!!! Kelly’s Corner Store at 109 Memorial Drive, adjacent to Elizabeth is now open for business. I look forward to serving Gander and surrounding areas. #newbusiness #oldbutnewlyrenovated

Dr Harsh Vardhan (india) tweeted :

Shameful way to propagate & promote #religion It’s appalling how these #scammers are taking advantage of people under duress by giving them #false hope. Swift & strict #action must be taken to shut them down.

It’s a really strong piece of work. Thank you ◽ ◽ ◽