All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @BuryNorthLabour: We’re entering the tenth year of brutal Tory cuts to council budgets. Johnson’s review of local government funding is set to take even more money from Labour councils. Help us stop #BurglarBoris by sharing this post with your friends and encouraging people to vote Labour this May

RT @labourlewis: Boris Johnson’s silence on Iran is a dereliction of his duty as PM. The UK can & should be a leading force for peace & justice in the world, learning the lessons of our foreign policy mistakes such as the Iraq war & using our influence to promote greater security for all.

RT @TomKibasi: RT @TomKibasi: Every other word coming out of Johnson’s mouth is a lie. Extraordinary. #LeadersDebate

RT @thetimes: Boris Johnson’s breaching of the ‘Red Wall’ was just the latest example of the party adapting better than Labour to a shifting electorate, writes @Dannythefink…

RT @FflurGwen: “What better response from the Senedd, our Welsh Parliament, to Boris Johnson’s reckless actions than to begin a thoughtful and hopeful discussion with our people about the future of our country?” @Adamprice…

Interesting that Boris Johnson’s father just agreed that his son should hold #indyref2 on @GMB.

RT @joannaccherry: Jo Swinson’s lazy comparison of the progressive nationalism of @theSNP with Boris Johnson’s little Englanderism is the sort of sloppy irrational thinking that’s lost her her seat & no doubt the leadership of her party

RT @MsTinaPoole: RT @MsTinaPoole: Just Boris Johnson’s press secretary barging into a GMB reporter and then telling him to f*ck off.

RT @MiriamBrett: It’d be interesting to see who bet against the pound in the run up to Boris Johnson’s demand for a suspended parliament. The people profiteering from Brexit are so often the people in the driving seat.

RT @DanielGwydion: Frightening to think what a government with Johnson’s values would do. It’s not just me saying this. It’s Heseltine, Clark and John Major. We need to resist this politics of cynicism with the radical hope of @Adamprice and @Plaid_Cymru