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Labour candidate for Wallasey.

Britain First (unknown) tweeted :

Labour candidate faces suspension after claiming UK troops have ‘blood on their hands'! -… F……

Britain First (unknown) tweeted :

Jeremy Corbyn ‘ARRESTED’: Labour leader ‘was detained after IRA sympathy protest’! -… Follow……

without the ‘5 yrs in NZ rule’. Unlike, National and Labour, who have repeatedly back-tracked on NZ Super

RT @AMCarwyn: We stand in solidarity with #Manchester - I am asking Welsh Labour campaigners to keep campaign suspended in Wales tomorrow.

FabioDeMasi (EU) retweeted @BBCNews :

RT @BBCNews: "In these circumstances, we have to come together." Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Manchester attack…

RT @MicksandersMick: @bobblackmanmp Congrats certainly in a Labour safe seat!

RT @PainswickBuffer: @stroud_neil wish you the best of luck. Hopefully #Stroud voters will remember that #labour made a complete mess of th…

Pat Glass (Labour) tweeted :

Just got my postal vote & voted for @PidcockNWDurham the next Labour MP 4 NW Durham

RT @deldridgewriter: I really like Angela Rayner. Whatever happens on June 8, I hope there's a role for her to play on the Labour front ben…

Labour MP disowns leader in fight for Blair’s seat… via @FT