All deleted tweets from politicians

Ashok Gehlot (india) tweeted :

Paid my obeisance at Tripura Sundari Mata temple today on the auspicious occasion of #Navratri and prayed for the happiness and prosperity of the state..#Rajasthan

Bal Gosal (unknown) tweeted :

Wishing everyone a happy Navratri!

Final set of photos from @HouseofCommons #Navratri terrace reception yesterday with @HelenGrantMP #TheresaVilliers @IanBlackfordMP #DevParmar Thanks to @nchtuk @HinduForumGBR 6/6

Even more photos from @HouseofCommons #Navratri terrace reception yesterday with #MissIndia 5/6

Further photos from @HouseofCommons #Navratri terrace reception yesterday 4/6

Yet more photos from the @HouseofCommons #Navratri reception on the terrace yesterday 3/6

More photos from the @HouseofCommons #Navratri reception yesterday. Thanks to @HinduForumGBR @Hinduforumofbr2 @nchtuk for organising the event. @cllranjanapatel @ChetnaHalai . 2/6

RT @Ameet_Jogia: Great effort by @JamesCleverly and @scullyp at last nights #Navratri celebrations at @ylsnl They were #garba champions by…

#Navratri पर्व पर ऊर्जा संचारित करने वाले रंगों व प्रतीकों का यह समन्वय तथा गरबा करते लयबद्ध थिरकते कदम सह्रदयता तथा सौहार्दता को प्रसारित करते हुए किसी को भी अपनी धुन से मंत्रमुग्ध, अभिभूत व सम्मोहित करने की शक्ति रखते हैं |

RT @RamnathKovind1: Wish You All A Very #HappyNavratri. May This #Navratri Bring Peace, Prosperity & Good Health To You & Your Family.…