All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @MrAlan_O: Owen Smith I'm sorry but after newsnight I'm not convinced you are the person for the job. Flimflamming policies #Corbyn4Lead…

RT @Shelter: The government should close the viability loophole➰ and make affordable housing commitments into cast iron pledges. #Newsnight

RT @RCorbettMEP: #bbcnews #Newsnight #TheresaMay produces flamboyant smokescreen in #FlorenceSpeech avoiding many key #brexit issues https…

RT @Gargarin: Daniel Hannan spouting disingenuous bollocks as ever #newsnight

RT @melindiscott: Fled? What exactly are you saying here Newsnight? Fled from what exactly?…

RT @georgeeaton: This Tim Bell interview is, ironically, a PR disaster (his phone's gone off twice and he's slurring). #newsnight

RT @theobertram: "The union & myself came to a financial agreement that will remain private..." #newsnight

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

"The BBC is shrinking - give us more money". What an unconsciously revealing public-sector-mentality argument. #newsnight

@Chris_Creegan it genuinely doesn't surprise me. You get more incisive debate and analysis from Newsround than you do from Newsnight