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Labour MP for Halton.


Conservative MP for South Cambridgeshire

@LittleMissSun6 @dudleymbc Can you email me at please and I'll come back to you?

📞 0151 298 1383 📩

@ianmoody99 Might you please try again on Thanks. BW. Frank.


@ShirleySkye3 @SkyeConnect Can you email me at and I'll certainly see what I can do. Thank you for interest😀

@ltcphoto We are only just back into full swing following the election campaign. Please can you me on email:

Catching up with #Crawley constituent emails. If you need my assistance do email (not via social media please).

@HappyLittleHugh Yes ofcourse drop in email so don't forget once I'm in the office

@GuySmithReports hi there, could you email me at Many thanks.

Conor McGinn MP (Labour) tweeted :

If you're a constituent and want to get in touch, please don't tweet @ me but email