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Politician, ex Navy doctor & govt minister. Chair Northern Ireland Select Committee. Trade envoy, PM's Special Rep for Great War Centenary. Author.

Jenny Macklin 🎯 - during PM's extraordinary rant he failed to explain why his policies would hurt up to 1m families #qt

RT @annajhenderson: #LIVE Labor frontbencher @edhusicMP turns up with a present for the PM's 1 year anniversary htt…

You don't have to be urged if the your commitment still there -> reality: #startupaus also demoted in PM's reshuffle

Ugh. When a simple question from @David_Speers throws out a PM's day...

RT @MarkDiStef: .@JasonClareMP: "Britney Spears' first marriage lasted longer than (PM's tax policy)" Correct. Her marriage = 55 hours. Po…

When it comes to #NBN, the PM's got a case of the "reverse Midas" - every time he touches broadband... #auspol

RT @albericie: PM's budget NBN falls behind budget -… via smh

Laurin Liu (unknown) replied to @laurinliu :

So much of the government's public relations strategy has been reliant on playing up youth, and particularly the PM's youthfulness.

PM's gas announcement is a total hoax. Nothing annouced today will lower power bills. Big gas companies make a bonza selling at global price