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Former Minister for School Education in Punjab Government.


Member of Parliament, “Asian Khuleg” institute, Harvard University, School of Government.

RT @mrmarkmillar: Love Paul McStay. He visited our school once and every kid hurtled themselves through open doors and windows to catch a g…

Anton Alberts (FF) retweeted @willempet :

RT @willempet: This is @steve_hofmeyr, a singer from South Africa. He was planning a fundraising for a small school struggling to survive,…

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

Old school. Classy move by John Corrigan.

VAT Panel report ANC backs the inclusion of more basic food stuff, sanitary towels and school uniforms, amongst others, to be VAT exempted, as recommended by the Panel. As we observe Women’s Month this August, it is befitting that sanitary towels are exempted #ANCNWCReport

RT @SSPeterPaulB24: SS Peter & Paul are united to say: Please listen to Birminghams children! Make #budget2018 end the crisis in school fun…

Carolyn Bennett (Liberal) tweeted :

With Mrs. Ebey & her ‘Sensational Sixes’ class at St. Bonaventure School today in Brampton for #SecretPath week! St. Bonaventure is a Legacy School with the @downiewenjack fund -… @KamalKheraLib @Bonaventure_Eby @bonavsharks

RT @SeftonNUT: Letter from local school ready to go to @Bill_Esterson to ask him to #askDamian where the rest of our pay rise is & how the…

Diana Johnson (Labour) tweeted :

Started today at the excellent Northcott School in Hull North. Was delighted to meet teachers and pupils at this wonderful school. Clear that a 6th form is required to ensure that students have the opportunity to continue their studies. #BelieveBelongBlossom

RT @Will_Tanner: Lambda School is one of the most interesting education models I've come across, which could form the basis from the Govern…

RT @Michael_Heaver: Teachers at East London primary school faced campaign of harassment and were abandoned by the local Council & governmen…