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RT @markmcdsnp: "Eat your Brexit, Scotland. Cereal means cereal." #ScotRef

Mike Rumbles joins a long list of comebacks the world could have done without. Like platform shoes and Crossroads #ScotRef

Another fine speech by @haughey_clare, really strong input from the backbenches today #ScotRef

Apparently all we have to do is listen to Edward Mountain's old sergeant major. A life lesson I feel we can all relate to... #ScotRef

Could hear a pin drop as @ThomasCArthur spoke. Little wonder, struck the right tone and made measured and important arguments #ScotRef

"Eat your Brexit, Scotland. Cereal means cereal." #ScotRef

"Sadly having to work across the UK" is a few notches below 'Stronger Together' I would say... #ScotRef

RT @tradasro: Sir Ian “the worthless oil is gone” Wood gets Scotland’s Order of the Nettle. #Scotref

RT @MJKIndependent: 5 Capitals closer to London than Edinburgh is, 8 if you include self-governing dependencies. @AngusMacNeilSNP #Scotref…