All deleted tweets from politicians

Dan Bidois (unknown) tweeted :

@paulabennettmp played a big part in helping us win the Northcote by-election — and she’s going to play a big part in helping us win the general election in September!

RT @MikePrysner: Warren team is justifying staying in the race because her attack on Bloomberg in the debates means she’s “still in this thing” and will surge in places like Texas with high delegate counts. Since the debate Warren has dropped 1 point and Bloomberg surged 12 points

RT @thhamilton: I don’t think she’s got enough broadcast experience, she probably couldn’t sustain a whole channel on her own, on balance it makes more sense just to interview her on an existing channel and then show a range of other programmes designed to appeal to different audiences.…

@Valimatka If she’s a constituent, yes. Do you want to drop me an email?

RT @ChrisLeslieMP: RT @ChrisLeslieMP: We should not be in the business of bailing out Theresa May when she’s facing rebellion on the Single Market https://t.c…

She’s four, by the way.

@arichmondScot @ruth_wishart @AngelaCrawley30 She’s the first ‘friendly’ journalist to buy into the idea that ‘some’ MPs are getting a ‘bit comfortable’ at Westminster. Nothing could be further from the truth.

RT @EastCalderPS: East Calder Primary are delighted with @livingstonwfc 🦁 latest signing! She’s so dedicated and committed to our school, that she’s gone to a club who play in our school colours!! 💛🖤 We are all so proud of Miss Walkingshaw #hero #rolemodel #hecanshecan ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️

RT @bealejonathan: Congrats to Capt Rosie Wild of 7RHA. She’s the first woman to pass the gruelling P Company course. Here she is getting her beret after proving she’s nails

How do I explain this to @lindareynoldswa? She’s out of the country for one day & I’ve already got the @AustralianArmy drying out the pitch for the Bruthen-Orbost cricket match. Thanks to Joel Aston for the video. From bushfire to wet wickets in one month. #lovegippsland