All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @EhGwendo: @allieawake @MeganLeslieHFX @AbadKhanNS I was actually disappointed to come home to Pippin last night, she's so cute!

@martinmib @dgcouncil @theSNP she's visited D&G five times in last 17 months. Dumfries x2 Newton Stewart x2 and Stranraer last week.

.@lynlinking @TheNewDailyAu Who would have guessed that? Prof Triggs deserve a medal for all she's endured from the LNP #disgraceful #auspol

RT @LabourOutOfScot: Not a good advert for private healthcare if she's forced to go to foodbanks is it

@SandraWhiteSNP She's not. This has all been debunked hours ago

Hina Butt (pakistan) retweeted @anaulhaq :

RT @anaulhaq: #AkhirHaiKonYeMaryam She's the future Prime Minister of Pakistan

Britain First (unknown) tweeted :


RT @Thedumza: 🚨🚨🚨 Thanks to the World and everyone for your RTs she's back home safe RETWEET FOR AWARENESS πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ THANKS TWITTER https://t.c…

RT @LordSakima: My 14 year old student doesn't think she's "that good" of an artist. Run her some RTs for me to prove otherwise. https://t.…

RT @RtHonIsobel: It's so nice to see all the support for @paulasherriff. 2 years on the job and she's already made history, more than most…