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“... he might just be the most important person in Britain you have never heard of.” (Sunday Times)


MP and Health Minister for Patient Safety, Suicide Prevention & MH. Sunday Times top 10 best selling author. Former nurse and businesswoman. Mum to 3

RT @alstewitn: RT @alstewitn: Two of politics' more charismatic, characterful bruisers lock tusks in friendship. Ah, splendid Sunday fayre.…

RT @alstewitn: A terrific @RoyalAirForce essay in the Sunday @Telegraph featuring a wonderful picture of another of my papa’s favourite, the glorious delta-winged Gloster “Javelin”.

RT @MarkFoxNews: RT @MarkFoxNews: @BBCEleanorG @BBCNews @nadhimzahawi first floated this several weeks ago in Mail On Sunday.

@richardhowitt You are the guru. You splashed page two of the Luton on Sunday with a story about Cucumbers. Amazing.

Luton, we have a special overnight guest in Sunday 8th July: The Olympic torch.

All that radio done, I'm on Sunday Politics today 11.30am, BBC1 East.

RT @UsdawMedia: RT @UsdawMedia: Usdaw vehemently opposed to any further deregulation of Sunday trading laws

RT @Usdaw4Labour: RT @Usdaw4Labour: @gavinshuker on the panel at Usdaw's "Any Questions" this Sunday at ADM. Tweet your question to #usdaw2012

RT @andrewpolitics: RT @andrewpolitics: Sunday Politics East now on iplayer 30 mins in. We talked Budget & Windfarms with guests Priti Patel & @gavinshuker ...

RT @TimMontgomerie: RT @TimMontgomerie: 82% say Coalition is out of touch with ordinary people in @AngusReidGlobal poll for tmrw's Sunday Express (via @Kirs ...