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PS ignore multi-coloured stuff in the Nth Sea!! That’s weird confetti style stuff. Spooky bit is I studied at Aberdeen, moved to Borders 19yrs ago, have worked a lot on projects & with colleagues from W Highlands, Stirling, Tayside, Argyll. Folk must actually have influenced me!

Karl Turner MP (Labour) tweeted :

That’s a cracking club fender in Jake’s gaff. Probably with more than most any semi detached gaff in east #Hull on its own.

RT @Mineiskarma1: @DanielJHannan How did you weave hate and lies into a blasted mandate? Oh that’s right, your shadowy backers purchased th…

Pierre Moscovici (EU) tweeted :

Since 2014, and despite the barrier of unanimity, we have succeeded in adopting 14 proposals. That’s more than over the previous 20 years! #FairTaxation #EPlenary

@Iain_Whiteley And I hope he does @Iain_Whiteley. Was offered a meeting with the health team 2 weeks ago that’s still to be arranged after the debate and I’ve also written to @MattHancock The problem we have is that the issue is urgent. Maryam needs the treatment now. It will soon be too late

The @MYANC opposes it’s Goverments and Presidents plan to unbundle Eskom. That’s why ANC stands for African National CONFUSION.

RT @pinkfloydrule: That’s amazing 👏👏👏👏…

RT @rcbregman: 'Blair era truly ended on June 8th’. Finally. 'Corbyn has redefined the parameters of the possible.’ That’s what…

추미애 (unknown) tweeted :

Germany remembers war crimes not to repeat the painful history again, Japan doesn’t. That’s a great contrast with Japan. With Japan’s insincere manner, the aged survivals of the #comfort_women have been dying off in shame.

@SizweDhlomo Blessed with hair, that’s what is happening Chief. Uphethwe ngumona 👀