All deleted tweets from politicians



Paisley's MSP & member of SNP. Married to Stacey, Dad to Jessica & James, Papa to the adorable Daisy and JJ! Proud Paisley Buddie add St Mirren FC & that's me!

@KateForbesMSP that's harsh, he doesn't look odd to me

@Caledoniapa2 @JohnSwinney I think you'll find that's my role

That's a pretty awesome step count for today. So much for the day of rest! πŸ’ͺ🏻

@DouglasDaniel that's harsh. The Lib Dems poll about 7%

As a huge Christopher Nolan fan, that's the best film by him I've seen. Magnificent…

@liannweir πŸ‘πŸ» that's my aim after the New Year, not sure about following a plan though. My job isn't good for that (nor my brain)

@coffeebucks hah, that's about the only thing keeping me young :-)

@GerryChambers1 @NicolaSturgeon that's not a high bar to clear...

@thhamilton that's before you get to Rastamouse on his island of orphans, president in military uniform & no sign of political opposition...