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There’s less crime getting in it wrong doing what you believe in than in getting it right doing what you don’t believe in.

RT @nealrstewart: There’s going to be something really bleakly and bitterly ironic today if all these UKIP resignations prove to be more effective in changing that parties leadership than anything the ERG ever did

RT @JustinTrudeau: There’s a strong link between women’s meaningful involvement in peace operations & achieving sustainable peace. It’s why we launched the Elsie Initiative, which is increasing the number of women peacekeepers. And today in Dakar, we spoke about what else we can do to support them.

RT @armani_salado: There’s no backing down today. Protesters are trying to reach the gym where Macron is and police are holding them back with tear gas. This is insane!!!! #GiletsJaunes macron resign

RT @CanadaAction: “If you show that 14 year old kid there’s a better future out there... a job, a house, a future, then you’ve done your job (as a leader).” Those activists that are going to stop development in your territory, they do not care about that 14 year old kid. They could care less.”

Congress in News (india) tweeted :

Congress likens PM Modi to Aurangzeb, says there’s undeclared Emergency…

Liz McInnes (Labour) tweeted :

There’s a lot of water on the M66. Drive carefully! #StormCaira

RT @AlastairRoss: There’s an amber risk of river flooding in the Borders and eastern Dumfries and Galloway - can @PaulWheelhouse @EmmaHarperMSP @JoanMcAlpine please share this advice on preparing for a flood?……

RT @AlastairRoss: Hello @claudiabeamish @ColinSmythMSP - there’s an amber warning for river flooding so can you please share this advice on preparing for a flood with your constituents?…

This is a really misleading headline. There’s no opposition to providing free sanitary products - certainly not from @scotgov who are leading the way on this. The issue for us is simply whether legislation is needed to achieve it.