All deleted tweets from politicians

Ross Greer (Green) tweeted :

First list of questions from @SP_EduSkills sent to @JohnSwinney and the SQA:… If there's anything that you need answers to but we've not asked about, pop it in this form and I'll make sure its in the next one:

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me recently about #COVID19 & other matters. There's been an unprecedented volume of messages, so please Email to help me ensure everyone gets a reply and no enquiry is missed:

RT @SaketGokhale: There's something VERY FISHY going on with Covid-19 testing kits in India. Prima facie, it reeks of corruption & favoritism in a pandemic. Thread 👇 On 20th March, 18 firms got permission from govt. to get their testing kits validated by National Institute of Virology. (1/6)

RT @election_data: We estimate Iain Duncan Smith is currently leading Faiza Shaheen by just 1.5% in Chingford & Woodford Green. Now there's a thing.... #GeneralElection2019

RT @GamerValleyboy: @Adaya77 @SamanthaPippin7 Ain't it amazing how whenever there's a celeb that's died in custody or a terrorist shooting that security cameras mysteriously don't work and are usually 'broken' that's how conspiracy theory's start #EpsteinSuicideCoverUp

RT @disruptivesigna: Gladiators' Jet talks Generation Z to Galloway @georgegalloway @GayatriGalloway "There's a whole generation coming through who I think will help us turn the tables"

RT @disruptivesigna: @InQuestionRT "There's more chance of them spreading in the UK than in Italy" says George Galloway @georgegalloway who talks to In Question's Manila Chan @ManilaChan about the #YellowVests after clashes with police in London and Paris.…

RT @disruptivesigna: When there's no oil involved or geostrategic interest for superpowers these things get left to fester" says George Galloway @georgegalloway who talks to In Question's Manila Chan after Theresa May addresses Kashmir clashes in the UK House of Commons

RT @disruptivesigna: "There's a crisis in the EU" says George Galloway @georgegalloway who believes that 'one way or another Emmanuel Macron is finished' on In Question

RT @disruptivesigna: George Galloway Says There's A Problem With Men in Monologue About Jared O'Mara @georgegalloway