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RT @jmodoh: RT @jmodoh: I imagine it went something like this: "So there's only one thing worse than Torys. And that's the Greens"…

RT @7NewsBrisbane: It's been a long wait for drivers on the notoriously bad road between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Now, there's finally relief in sight, with the second M1 given the green light. @Carly_Madsen #qldpol #7NEWS

RT @MartynDaySNP: With our increased dependency on the internet for daily tasks & activities since #Lockdown, there's also been a rise in scam Email & text messages. To tackle this, I'm ramping up my calls for increased exposure of the @UK_Gov’s @CyberAwareGov campaign and @CyberEssentials scheme.

RT @Keith71mohawks: @SmithScore @CRE8NU @2351onthelist @putey_pute @aBStRactARtiSTe @Bibbeth6 @Alliance4Unity @georgegalloway There's talk in the week end papers Salmond serious about starting up another Indy party to get get back at his Protege'. That will be fun to see.

RT @cllrsamgorst: In disbelief Jo Bird wasn't asked for interview #Riverside. @UKLabour can & must do better. There's too many career driven weather cocks who are making a mockery of selections. Our NEC should be wise enough to see through it. Grassroots activism & support FIRST! Always! @bird4riv

Edgar Mulder (Fractievoorzitter pvv) retweeted @PrisonPlanet :

RT @PrisonPlanet: RT @PrisonPlanet: There's a lot to unpack here.

RT @siboshingange: Guys please stay away from Maboneng and Jeppestown tonight it's a war zone. Gun shots everywhere, apparently there's a protest. I hope no one gets hurt, it really bad.

RT @FlagInstitute: There's a lot on the line in today's final as the winner claims British & European glory as well as the international #WorldSeriesOfFlags crown itself 👑

RT @STattisconie: How many times must it be said, there's no border between Scotland and England, so how can it be policed. Nats and manufactured grievance continues in leaps and bounds.…