All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Birmo: Labor doesn’t believe there are any efficiencies to be found in universities, despite the record funding they’re getting. They’ll just let unis write their own cheque no matter the cost to working Australians #budgetreply

Mathias Cormann (unknown) tweeted :

What do Bill Shorten and President Trump have in common? They’re both fighting for more investment, more jobs and higher wages in the US. By opposing a lower business tax rate in Australia, Bill Shorten is helping business overseas take investment & jobs away from Australia.

RT @sahouraxo: “Where is the European Union? They’re offering no help in the #coronavirus crisis, instead issuing fines to Italy. Outrageous... Meanwhile, Cuba and Russia are rushing to the aid of #Italy — a European Union member, a NATO member.”

RT @MiriamBrett: Shout out to @MILKcafeglasgow on small business Saturday. They’re a beautiful wee cafe in Govanhill that promotes the integration of ethnic minority women. Pop along and spend all of your pennies devouring scrumptious cake. #SmallBizSat

RT @joeIjoeIjoel: Lisa Nandy (on female Jewish MPs) “I don’t care if they’re right wing or not, racism is racism” 👏 #TeamNandy #WeWinTogether #LabourLeadership

RT @joeIMEP: The questions are very good. They aren’t vague, they’re detailed and straight to the point. Well done to the open Labour members who asked it #OLHustings

RT @ekcelt: RT @ekcelt: @AngusMacNeilSNP They’re calling it a war but it must be the only war we’ve had that we sit and wait on being attacked!!

Hakan Şükür (unknown) tweeted :

Good friends are ilke stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.. Doğumgünümü tebrik eden gerçek dostlara selam olsun.. Sevgiler 👋🤗

RT @EamonnFitz: Finally @AusGreensParty admit what everyone else has long known - they’re Tories helping other Tories. Congrats .@AdamBandt #auspol

RT @EamonnFitz: RT @EamonnFitz: They’re still dirty half their front bench had return their gold Rolex watches gifted to them by a donor.