All deleted tweets from politicians

Harriet Harman (Labour) tweeted :

Rye Oak Primary doing great work but already cut support staff & classes now +30 #torycuts @SPACE_FairFund @Jasmine_Ali #GE2017

Harriet Harman (Labour) tweeted :

Thanks to new team in post @ St George's primary. V bad news 4 pupils if #Torycuts go ahead @SPACE_FairFund @NUTonline @SouthwarkLabour

RT @dancrawford85: Schools in rural areas shifting towards a four day week #torycuts #education

RT @LouiseMensch: ALL the cuts, all the #Austerity - #ToryCuts - £36 bn total. To EU in same period - £87 bn total. #Brexit = no more auste…