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Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Cumhurbaşkanı - President of the Republic of Turkey


Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Başbakan Yardımcısı | Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey

RT @cnnbrk: US officials "deeply concerned" after Turkey airstrikes target US allies fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria.…

Johannes Hahn (unknown) tweeted :

I therefore want us to devise togeth. a more #rational strategy that enables us to work w. #Turkey on the many areas of mutual interest 2/3

Johannes Hahn (unknown) tweeted :

Introductory remarks by EU Commiss. @JHahnEU at #EPlenary debate on #Turkey after the #referendum:!DG43Tu

Johannes Hahn (unknown) tweeted :

.@JHahnEU @Europarl_EN: "Time has come for open, friendly discussion w #Turkey on our future relationship." @eu_near

RT @Europarl_EN: #EPlenary starts at 3pm CET: 👉 Situation in Hungary 👉 Turkey after referendum 🇹🇷 👉 Social rights Follow LIVE…

RT @aaronstein1: There is no scenario involving Turkey and Northern Syria that ends well for any of the parties involved, including Ankara

RT @KlausJurgens: @KatiPiri Madam, then your life's ambition is fulfilled. Yet over here in Turkey we will continue to build peaceful…

Ska Keller (EU) retweeted @GaziCaglar :

RT @GaziCaglar: Freedom for Academics for Peace in the Turkey

RT @Hudson_Roe: "I was on the border of Turkey/Syria at the point when Russia intervened. It changed the situation overnight" says @JohnnyM…

RT @koppeu1: #Turkey: Illegal mass returns of Syrian refugees expose fatal flaws in EU-Turkey deal…