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Lib Dem MSP for Edinburgh Western. Shadow Health Secretary. Pro U.K. Still European. Surfer. Dad. Children’s Rights.


Former Cons MEP for East of England. Inventor ‘SuperCanada’ U.K./EU Free Trade Agreement Ex Co-chair Conservatives for Britain. Pro Brexit. RTs NOT endorsements

RT @peterjukes: CASES DEATHS Denmark 28,760 90 U.K. 25,150 1,789 This is explained by one thing. Testing. And even in their crass 'herd immunity' plan the government should have realised that community testing is the only way to assess the prevalence of #COVID19

RT @disruptivesigna: The Future of Brexit @georgegalloway @ManilaChan @InQuestionRT Manila Chan talks with Former U.K. MP George Galloway on Theresa May’s Brexit deal, what her next steps would be if they were defeated

Lisa Nandy (Labour) tweeted :

She’s against the Empire in Star Wars & in the U.K. Honours system. British actor @thandienewton is right to say you should not be forced to have ‘Empire’ within the British honours list.…

RT @jasonmackenzie: RT @jasonmackenzie: The fascinating origins of ‘Indian’ restaurants in the U.K.…

RT @Brexit: U.K. warns that up to 20% of workers could be forced to take time off at the peak of a widespread coronavirus outbreak

RT @agnessjonsson: Can’t wait for the transition period to be over so that people in the U.K. will finally have access to tomatoes and beans

RT @Galina_Imrie: We import parts from the USA, Canada, China and also buy from the U.K. Custom clearance in the U.K. is very efficient. We ship products all over the world. Never have had any issues with exports either.…

RT @MarkFoxNews: RT @MarkFoxNews: Remember #AutumnStatement is made against the backdrop that U.K. National Debt is heading towards 90% of GDP - a record h…

RT @MarkFoxNews: RT @MarkFoxNews: Great to see @GregHands tonight. Good talk on trade, Brexit opportunities and increasing U.K. productivity. #TradeMatters

RT @Feorlean: In December last year - two days before the U.K. General Election - @willie_rennie promised more powers for the Scottish Parliament. Yesterday - a mere 73 days later - he argued against that proposition ......