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So pleased to be in the virtual room for @ukLabour's Creative Industries Summer Reception this week. Inspiring to hear from so many fantasic industry speakers & also take the opportunity to show off the amazing @battersea_arts - the world's 1st fully relaxed venue #Battetsea

RT @TanDhesi: RT @TanDhesi: To deliver on jobs, the Government must meet @UKLabour's four key tests. #SummerStatement

Matt Western MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

The Government still must meet @UKLabour's four key tests to protect jobs. #SummerStatement

Ged Killen (UKMPs) tweeted :

The National Health Service is @UKLabour's proudest achievement – providing universal healthcare for all, free at the point of use. As we celebrate its 70th birthday, let's take a look at the NHS's legacy. #OurNHS70

RT @PaulJSweeney: I have signed this letter organised by @LoveSocialism MPs because @UKLabour's National Executive Ctte must agree on an explicit commitment to a confirmatory referendum in our manifesto for the European elections, in line with the policy agreed democratically at party conference.

The absurdity of @uklabour's #Brexit position was highlighted again by shadow cabinet member @RachelReevesMP Instead of calling for another delay in leaving the EU, if no deal's been agreed, demand govt uses UK's sovereign currency for a fiscal stimulus.…

In this second installment of @GregHadfield's exposé of the @UKLabour's broken bureaucracy he highlights the candidate selections were manipulated and comments questionable behaviour.…

RT @RichardKOliver: .@UKLabour's Jim Clarke out on the streets of Sleaford campaigning for our NHS - especially the A&E @Grantham which is now closed overnight.

RT @damian_from: We have learned from The Report that @UKLabour's Headquarters is corrupt to the core. It is staffed by a large number of right wing individuals who have actively sabotaged the Party. These people are guilty of gross misconduct and must be dismissed.…

RT @liambyrnemp: THANK YOU @steve_mccabe, one of @uklabour's greatest campaigners, for the ringing endorsement & support! #Liam4Mayor #RadicalCompassion #LetsStartNow