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RT @unitetoremain: BREAKING NEWS At a press conference in Westminster this morning we will formally announce our plans including seat lists. Please RT so that your followers can also see the plans as they are announced

Ben Bradshaw (Labour) retweeted @ADmitria :

RT @ADmitria: @JoeJLevy @unitetoremain @TheGreenParty You're wasting your time. @BenPBradshaw is the only MP Exeter is going to vote for, if you want to remain in the EU then do the right thing and stand down. The decision to stand in Exeter makes me question the trustworthiness of the remain alliance.

RT @unitetoremain: RT @unitetoremain: Official #unitetoremain Remain Alliance candidate for Esher and Walton - @monicabeharding

RT @fascinatorfun: @unitetoremain @nickbeddows @LibDems @TheGreenParty @Plaid_Cymru Well done @heidiallen75 and well done @libdems @TheGreenParty @Plaid_Cymru Thank you one and all. The Tories and Labour will be seen for what they are in stark contrast. Party first country second. I hope, even at this late stage, Labour will shift & join in.

RT @Beany_1: @unitetoremain @SEinecke @LibDems @TheGreenParty @Plaid_Cymru Fantastic work!! Thank you Heidi and all the team for what you have achieved. Hope Labour feel a little ashamed that they won’t help, it’s not just what you give up it’s what you gain. Come on Labour, it’s never too late.

RT @danwartnaby: The amazing thing about #UniteToRemain is seeing politicians put aside personal ambition for the national interest. Whether you're up for voting that way or not, there's no denying a need to get back to human-first politics... because, well, the alternative is more of this guy...

RT @unitetoremain: 4. Talks underway but no seat decisions have been made because the Parties each have to consult their members and have internal processes - we fully respect this. No need for a single candidate in every seat - only where it may make a difference. This analysis has been done.