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RT @Torcuil: McDonnell to @NicolaSturgeon - we call the shots "We’ll put one down when we can win it. My view (on SNP) is they want is to l…

#Brexit Myth Number 1: that we’ll be trapped forever in the backstop

RT @MarkDiStef: We’ll only take the desperate and needy from countries which treat citizens right. Yep ok makes sense.

RT @ThinkersPad: @MkMukeshmook @Tarunvijay @mediacrooks Don’t worry. January-end, 2018, we’ll open the platform to public.

Chuka Umunna (Labour) tweeted :

They said we would be richer as a result of #Brexit.Today the Government confirms we’ll be poorer under every scenario out of the EU. So Ministers admit they are deliberately pursuing a project which will harm us.The British people have a democratic right to a say NO #PeoplesVote

Justin Trudeau (Liberal) tweeted :

We’ll be supporting Canadian auto workers & their families affected by GM’s plan to close its plant in Oshawa next year. My thanks to Jerry Dias and the team from @UNIFORtheUnion to for the meeting and discussion today.

RT @RomanPable: "After a nuclear holocaust, we’ll go to heaven as martyrs; attackers will die as sinners." – Putin said at the Valdai Club…

@Longhouses1 Yet still 2yrs south of the UN floor of 14. We’ll be on a pair with the 4 worst nations in Europe.

We’ll keep re-education each other. But there’s much we need to unlearn about land ownership. The lessons we’ve been formally taught are all colonial in origin. They stem from a perspective of enslaving you. Till next time. Salute 😊

RT @billshortenmp: It’s your car - it should be your choice where you get it serviced. We’ll help local mechanics and the household budget.…