All deleted tweets from politicians

Peter Julian (NDP) retweeted @BirdmanDodd :

RT @BirdmanDodd: RT @BirdmanDodd: @MPJulian I hope it happens soon and without any further delay. We’ve seen how quickly government can move when it wants t…

RT @wesstreeting: We don’t call for resignations lightly, but the level of failure and incompetence we’ve seen from Gavin Williamson is of a magnitude that cannot be justified or excused. If the Prime Minister had any judgement he’d sack him. If Gavin Williamson had any shame he’d resign.

The bravery of democracy activists we’ve seen in authoritarian nations

RT @Miners_Strike: “We’ve never had anything given, we’ve only made advances when we’ve been big enough and strong enough to take it off 'em - That’s when we make our advances - when we are in unity." Jack Taylor, President of the Yorkshire miners, during #MinersStrike

Sadiq Khan (Labour) tweeted :

Tonight we’ve opened emergency shelters across London to give those sleeping rough a warm and safe place to stay as the temperature drops. Find out more about how you can support homeless people across our city: ➡️

RT @mrpaulaitken: Fast forward today and we’ve had confirmation that @givebloodscot will be moving to an individual risk based assessment. Phenomenal work by everyone involved. Better get an appointment sorted for 2021 🙌🏻

We’ve: 🏡 Worked with industry to keep sites and the end-to-end house moving business open, safely. 🏡 Extended site operating hours. 🏡 Extended planning permissions. 🏡 Launched £7bn National Housebuilding Fund and £12bn Affordable Homes Programme to invest in new homes. 3/3.

RT @MoJGovUK: Today, alongside @DHSCgovuk, we’ve announced a major reform of the Mental Health Act, including improving care for people within the Criminal Justice System. Find out what proposed changes are being consulted on here 👇…

RT @HoneysettWatts: As reported by @matt_hfoster in @POLITICOEurope’s London Influence regarding @ToriesinComms... We’ve doubled the number of industry patrons supporting our efforts, while ensuring that 50% of them are #women. More:…

Good morning Twittermentarians - I would like to thank all of you for your best behavior on our roads. We’ve had of course instances of misbehavior from citizens who never loved laws. But we are grateful to all those who observed road roads keeping themselves and others safe.