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SNP MSP, H&I region, Minister for Children & Young People. Tweets mostly fun, email for work. Pharmacist, foodie & rugby fan. What’s the female for family man?

Cory Bernardi (australia) tweeted :

What’s the rush to sell out independent schools? The schools are going on holidays allowing good time for a Senate committee inquiry. That’s just common sense and good process. Might help if we had the Ruddock review too! #auspol

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Ian Lavery MP (Labour) tweeted :

Right oh !!! What’s the prediction for Theresa’s Tuesday ? Mine.....under no circumstances will their be a vote on Tuesday on the PMs motion. @UKLabour can resolve this. Call a #GeneralElectionNow

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

Kudos to the @Chiefs for doing what’s right

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