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Welsh Labour MP for #Gower. Mum. Teacher. Linguist. Ex Women’s Rugby Player. Email:

Laurin Liu (unknown) replied to @sproudfoot :

@sproudfoot +1. FIFA 2015 Women’s World Cup Kia ad briefly shows Chelsea McQuade, then men score winning assist+goal…

Laurin Liu (unknown) replied to @laurinliu :

@sproudfoot Strange for an ad produced for Women’s World Cup. Images in media, role models impact how we see female athletes, women's sports

Congress (india) tweeted :

We pay tribute to Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Father of the Bengal Renaissance and champion of women’s rights, on his death……

Women’s jail to provide special outfits for Muslims when they are checked by sniffer dogs! -……

RT @nusss_jpg: The first women’s abuse ad to ever run in Saudi Arabia

RT @PeterWongVI: Where Women’s Marches Are Happening Around the World - The New York Times

RT @V_of_Europe: Mob Attacks Women’s Day Rally at Istanbul University…

RT @MorrisonsNews: We can announce that we will cancel VAT on women’s sanitary products by paying the tax for customers. Prices start chang…

Moving Israel to the forefront of women’s rights via @timesofisrael

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

The Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps was founded 100 years ago #OTD. Thank you, all who served. #WAAC