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Avadhut Wagh (india) retweeted @ImRushi45 :

RT @ImRushi45: RT @ImRushi45: @Avadhutwaghbjp World's best CM for a reason

David Maynier (DA) tweeted :

Cape Town Among World's Best Cities For Remote Working - Destination Cape Town…

RT @ashoswai: India's New Education (HRD) Minister says ancient India had conducted the world's first nuclear test, Astrology is the world's No1 science, confirms Modi's claim on Ganesh's transplant surgery - India's End of Science!…

RT @ashoswai: RT @ashoswai: Find Modi - World's 'Most Powerful' Leader does not even find a place in the fist row in a G20 summit!

RT @ashoswai: Massive crowd in the Election meeting in Bihar when the world's largest political party, BJP's President giving a rousing speech!

RT @ashoswai: RT @ashoswai: 22 of world's 30 most polluted cities are in India, but Modi is still not happy!…

RT @ashoswai: RT @ashoswai: Internet freedom in world's largest democracy! #HappyIndependenceDay

Hina Butt (pakistan) retweeted @ashoswai :

RT @ashoswai: Forget being World's Fastest growing, Modi Ji has made India South Asia's Slowest growing economy! Bangladesh 7.9% Nepal 7.1% Pakistan 5.2% India 5%

RT @ashoswai: RT @ashoswai: India's sinking economy: #Wallmart, world's third largest employer, might move out of India - fires 56 India executives.