All deleted tweets from politicians



Labour MP for Manchester Withington For all enquiries, or if you’d like a reply please email Contact my office on 0161 445 0678

RT @DouglasCarswell: Just imagine if you were a Conservative MP and you’d had the chance to replace your current leader on various occasions these past two years, but you’d chosen not to do so?

RT @DouglasCarswell: Investment in tech in the U.K. is at record levels. You’d never guess reading this article lamenting the loss of investment subsidies from EU institutions.…

RT @AlbertanGrrl: I have a deep, deep, burning anger. Rape as a weapon of war cannot go unpunished. If you’d like to learn more, please buy Nadia’s book “The Last Girl” or visit

RT @davidschneider: Come on, Jewish Chronicle. You’d condemn people who say antisemitism’s just an excuse to shut down criticism of Israel. So why publish an article saying Islamophobia’s just an excuse to shut down criticism of Islam? We must stand together against bigotry.…

RT @FflurGwen: 👇 To quote @Adamprice, Welsh Labour couldn’t even deliver a pizza. You’d end up getting it years later and it wouldn’t even be what you ordered. 🙃 🍕…

RT @caped_illBeBack: RT @caped_illBeBack: @Simon4NDorset received your leaflet in the post. Please can I ask how you’d plan to open up a local custody suite.

RT @Hesnotnaughty: Help needed please! My publisher has asked for endorsements for my book. If you’d like to provide one, please could you comment below. Thanks x @aaroncumminsNHS @CherylGillan @AlistairBurtUK @JWoodcockMP @theautismplan @brain_in_hand @coleyduggs @AnnaKennedy1 @MediaTutorKaty

RT @tom_bray: Heading out as @ChrLeft in the NE to help campaign for @bphillipsonMP and @ACunninghamMP tomorrow - do get in touch if you’d like to join me! Lifts available!

RT @IsabelHardman: Must say that for all the truth in “if you lived outside London, you’d appreciate Labour’s broadband offer”, my broadband in Barrow is absolutely brilliant but in SW London it rarely goes above hamster power.

You’d never guess what a fractious week we’ve had from this picture.