All deleted tweets from politicians

@andrewpolitics That's fair, BBC East certainly does. And I'm sure you'd agree I give you a proper answer to every question too!

@TimGattSky I knew you'd pop up and reassure me. Two more Nytol, nurse.

@sarfrazmanzoor You'd hope so, right? Shadow minister for water.

You'd be amazed the number of times me and Kelvin *just* make the train. #thelatenightcommute

@GaryMardle I'm around plenty, was last there Sunday. But if there's an event you'd like to see me at, please invite me. Others do.

@nigelblennerhas Can slot you in next Friday, 10 June if you'd like - drop me an email for an appointment.

@DanHeley1 @wesstreeting You'd be very welcome, Wes, though I'm not punishing you for your wholly appropriate views on LOTSW.

@Mungo_Number_5 @RobinsonTr46 Spend much time on the doorsteps, did you? If you did you'd realise how few people knew the Labour position.

You're a graduate who took loans and thought you'd only repay when you're on a decent wage? You've been missold.…

You'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.…